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Step 1: Collecting

Collect every household cleaner from under sinks, in closets, washrooms, laundry room, garage, and countertops. Do not continue using them.

Step 2: Cleaning Solutions

Buy three 24-ounce spray bottles and label them “LIGHT,” “MEDIUM,” and “HEAVY.”

Mix as follows:

LIGHT: 1 teaspoon regular Soap, 1 teaspoon Neutralizer, and water to fill.

MEDIUM: 2 ounces regular Soap, 2 ounces Neutralizer, and water to fill.

HEAVY: 4 ounces regular Soap, 4 ounces Neutralizer, and water to fill.

Step 3: Foamer Bottle

Buy a foamer bottle for each kitchen and bathroom sink and for each bathing area.

Mix as follows:

KITCHEN: 1 part Neutralizer, 5 parts water, 1 part regular Soap.

BATH: 1 part Neutralizer, 5 parts water, 1 part Moisturizing Soap.

(Mixing works best if Soap is added last. Use more soap to thicken foam; use more water to thin foam.)

*Foamer bottles can be found in many stores (filled with soap, often the “kid version”) and can also be ordered online.

Step 4: Other Useful Bottles

Obtain small dropper and spray bottles, and nasal mist bottles. (Check in the travel/sample department of various stores or empty store products and clean the containers.)

You will find these handy:

· Dropper bottle of regular Miracle II Soap

· Dropper bottle of Miracle II Neutralizer

· Nasal mist bottle of Miracle Neutralizer

· Spray bottle of Miracle II Neutralizer

These are merely starting guidelines for you to begin converting your home over to the use of safe, healthy products. Remember that everyone is different. Feel free to experiment. Get creative!

Disclaimer: Miracle II products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Lafayette Miracle Solutions assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims (written or oral) made by its distributors, customers, employees, or supporters.

Have you made the educated decision to replace the toxic chemical cleaners in your home with the beneficial Miracle II alternatives?

A simple guide to a chemical-free home

Using the Products

Skin Care Routine

1. Wash face with foamer (Moisturizing Soap mix). Pat dry.

2. Mist Miracle II Neutralizer onto face. Let dry.

3. Rub Miracle II Neutralizer Gel over entire face and neck. Do not dry or rinse.

4. Apply Miracle II Moisturizer over entire face and neck.

(Note: This 3-in-1 lotion mixture can be substituted for above procedure. 3-in-1 Lotion Formula: 4 ounces Neutralizer, 4 ounces Moisturizing Lotion, 2 ounces Gel. Shake well.)

Bath Soaks

Soaking in a bath will open and cleanse skin pores to allow your body to detoxify.

1. Pour 1 ounce of Moisturizing Soap and 2 ounces of Neutralizer into tub with running water. Fill tub with warm water.

2. Soak in tub for minimum of 30 minutes, preferable 45-60 minutes.

3. You may reduce amount of soap to your preference after the initial 3 bath soaks.

4. Apply 3-in-1 lotion from head to toe.

(Note: Rinsing off after the bath is optional. Drying off is usually not necessary when applying lotion.)

Add the Therapeutic and Laundry Ball to bath water to receive benefit of eloptic energy.


Pretreat stains by spraying the spot with MEDIUM cleaning solution (see Step 2). (NOTE: Stains can be treated as soon as the clothing is removed. The treated spots will not mildew or harm the fabric even if the clothing is not washed immediately.)

Place a Therapeutic and Laundry Ball into the washing machine. Fill with water and dirty clothes as usual.

You may use 1/2 capful of regular Soap with each load (not necessary). You may use up to 1 cup of white vinegar with each load of white clothes (to further whiten). If water is really “hard”, add 1/4-1/2 cup of baking soda to each load.

Do not put ball into clothes dryer!

House Cleaning

Using the spray bottles created in Step 2, the following is a sample list of cleaning needs.

LIGHT: windows, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, refrigerators, fiberglass, leather, and plastics.

MEDIUM: dishes, floors, bathrooms, tile, cabinets, carpet, mildew, pots and pans.

HEAVY: drains, steam cleaning, ovens, grease traps, fireplace doors, bad stains, wax stripper and tire sidewalls.

Miscellaneous Uses

Washing vegetables and fruit: add 1 ounce of Neutralizer in a sink full of water.

Pet Drinking Water: add several drops of Neutralizer to pet drinking water.

Fleas & Ticks: use foamer to wash animal. Rinse. Spray with Neutralizer. Do not rinse.

Cat Litter Odor: spray cat litter with Neutralizer to keep odor away.

Automobiles: 1 ounce of regular Soap in a bucket of water.

Gardening: ½ tablespoon of regular Soap added to water to fill a 32-ounce spray bottle kills insects on plants.

Toothpaste: Squeeze small amount of Neutralizer Gel onto toothbrush. Add 1 drop Soap onto Gel. Brush. Do not swallow.

Shaving cream: Use foamer bottle (with Moisturizing Soap), or use Skin Moisturizer, or use Gel.

Shampoo: Use foamer bottle (with Moisturizing Soap). Not recommended for color-treated hair; it may remove the color.

Body wash: Use foamer bottle (with Moisturizing Soap).

Deodorant: Use the Miracle II Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone. Using a spray bottle of Neutralizer (or a drop or two of Miracle II Gel), wet the stone or your underarms and apply.