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I had spent 4 years in bed, most of the time in a fetal position practically unable to move Then I found the Body Rejuvenator!

"It all started with being very depressed and losing my memory. I was a public speaker who used to speak to thousands of people. I would be conducting a presentation that I'd done a thousand times and suddenly forget where I was. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. I started hurting all over and my joints were aching. The final thing that sent me over the edge was my skin started falling off my body-literally falling off my body! I'd be in the shower and just watch chunks of my skin fall away. The doctors couldn't diagnose it and I started taking three pints of blood a week because this mysterious illness was destroying my blood supply. I finally found a doctor that diagnosed it as Mycotoxin exposure. The only thing they could tell me was that I had an autoimmune disease that didn't have a name. They put me on a drug that cost $20,000 a week (Yes, a week). It was helping a little but my insurance cut me off.

"I was without hope when my friend Joanne came along and told me about the Body Rejuvenator. She said, "How have you been?" I said, "Joanne, you wouldn't believe it. You probably aren't familiar with them, but I've got Mycotoxins in my body and I can't get rid of them." She said, "Come over and see me, I think I have something for you." She put me on the Body Rejuvenator and the Miracle cleansing program, within days I started feeling great!

"Prior to discovering the Body Rejuvenator, I was so sick that I spent 4 years in bed, most of the time in a fetal position-just unable to move. My body was constantly trying to break down. Before I drank my first ounce of the Body Rejuvenator, I couldn't even get my thoughts together to make a sentence. Within only four days after starting on the Body Rejuvenator, my mental clarity improved a lot and my energy increased profoundly.

The Body Rejuvenator has completely changed my life!"