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Livida Solutions was started in 2002 by Anthony and Joann Mula as Lafayette Miracle solutions.
When Anthony and Joann joined the business, Lafayette Miracle Solutions (now Livida Solutions) was
the first organization to ship products nationwide. From that time, they saw many miracles and many lives changed.
They works diligently to collect testimonials and even record video footage to get the word out and share the good
news about how lives were changing. At the time of joining the business, Anthony Mula was contacted by Mr. Clayton
Tedeton about a product that he believed God had revealed to him. Years later, Anthony and Joann worked to get
the releases for the video below which includes the full story of the Miracle II product. For a detailed review of how
this product came about and for mind blowing testimonials, please watch this YouTube video below.

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Antiviral-Antibacterial-Immune Booster Antiviral-Antibacterial-Immune Booster

(1)Miracle Soap 22oz-(1)Miracle Gel 8oz-(1)Body Rejuvenator 32oz. Miracle II Soap is antimicrobial and kills microorganisms which include viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
The Body Rejuvenator showed a 30% increase in the immune profile during a 90 day double-blind study. FREE SHIPPING

Our Price: $63.95