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Facial Skin Cancer


June of this year Jerry and His wife Jennifer visited our office, at that time he had a facial lesion that was very obvious. We tried to encourage him to start using our various products Miracle II Soap, Miracle II Gel, Miracle II Neutralizer, Body Rejuvenator and for him to go see his primary care physician A.S.A.P.

In July Jerry visited his doctor who referred him to a specialist. His examination result was that the lesion was Basal Cell Carcinoma. A biopsy was taken that confirmed the initial finding.

Jerry started the following protocol on July 8TH. . The first 3 days morning and night he washed the area with Miracle II Soap, rinsed and the put soap on the lesion. He then took a pad wet with the Miracle II Neutralizer and placed the pad over the lesion and covered it with a large plastic band-aid. After the 3-day treatment of soap he switched and started using the Miracle II Gel.

On July 12TH Jerry went to see the surgeon and was setup for surgery to have the cancer removed. Afterward he stopped at the office and told us what the diagnoses was and when the surgery was scheduled.

On August 9TH the surgeon seeing Jerry’s face asked his wife what medications he was using because it seemed to be healing itself and he did not have to go as deep as he thought he would to remove the cancer.

On August 10TH Jerry started applying over the stitches our Miracle Skin Cream and Miracle II Gel and as of today the scar is barely perceivable.