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A True Story of faith, courage and miracles

May 30, 2006

First I would like to tell you about my exciting Miracle because I now have an exciting life to live. The thanks

should first go to God, then my special friend Jeanie, my new friend Mary Ellen and these great Miracle products.

I had always been a Super-active person with boundless energy levels. As a wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 5, I could accomplish anything. Also, I had a very successful career, flying to different parts of the U.S. What an exciting life I had and I cherished every minute of it.

As I look back, my health took a turn in my late 20's and 30's. By the end of my 40's, I was struggling with many illnesses such as; ulcerative gastritis, ulcerative colitis, gastric and gallbladder polyps, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, carpal tunnel to both arms, many viral infections and severe sinus infections. Then to top everything off, the doctor's diagnosed me with gastro paresis. (I could no longer consume both foods and liquids, could only sip water). I was a very sick puppy.

My many doctors were stumped and they then referred me to a rheumatologist and then to an endocrinologist. At this time my sugar levels and liver levels were testing high also.

After thousands of dollars of tests, I was misdiagnosed with serious and rare autoimmune disorders. These were

called; Addison's disease, Schmidt's syndrome, PGA or Polyglandular autoimmune syndrome, Angio edema.

VIPOma carcinoids, etc. etc.

The treatments for these disorders were very high doses of corticosteroids because my body could no longer produce cortisone. I even had to carry an emergency cortisone injection kit with me at all times.

By treating me for these misdiagnoses, I then fell victim to a rare form of congestive heart failure and then renal failure. My entire body was so swollen that I looked like a giant blowfish and the doctors called this Angio Edema.

At 50 years old, I was forced to use a walker and wheelchair. I mostly spent all of my days and nights reclined in bed or on my sofa. When I had a little energy, I would paint angels, as I'm also an artist. This seemed to give me the peace and solace that I was searching for but my exciting life, as I had known it, was on a total standstill.

On one of my many hospitalizations, my mother suddenly died and I was so ill that I was unable to attend her funeral. Through all of my extreme pain and suffering, I took this the hardest because I was unable to grieve with my family.

Two and a half years later this specialist accused me of having Munchausen's disorder and he then dropped me as his patient. He even had a psych. doctor interview me while I had been hospitalized. I had just returned from a week of extensive medical tests at M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston, because this doctor thought that I had VIPOma carcinoids. When doctors can't figure a patient's medical problems then they say that they're crazy or mentally ill. Wrong!!!!

God works wonders and when I was hospitalized, my best friend; Jeanie was also hospitalized across the hall from my room. We hadn't seen each other in over two years because we were both so ill. Once we put our heads together, we decided to get a referral to a specialist in Houston for immune and toxic disorders.

This great doctor finally diagnosed me correctly with Mycotoxicosis, which was a systemic fungal infection exacerbated by the use of corticosteroids & 25 pills per day that were prescribed for the illnesses that I did NOT have. The results of these toxins are too numerous to mention at this time but they had caused my body to shut down and my immune system to go totally berserk. I even had some brain damaged, speech difficulties, and polyneuropathy to both legs and optic nerve damage.

As you can tell, I was all messed up and still my faith in God never wavered. I knew that I would become one of his miracles.

From April 2003 until this day, this doctor treated me with very expensive medications of antifungals, H1 and H2

inhibitors, and IVI6 6amunex infusions. I was beginning to feel a little better but still had no strength or energy.

In 2005, I had a relapse of Mycotoxicosis, when I fled hurricane Rita and the hotel that I stayed at had a serious water drip, which kept the carpets soggy and wet. Wet carpets breed fungus and mold spores.

On May 2, I was introduced to the Miracle products by Jeanie and Mary Ellen. I drove to l.afayette that day and started my regime that same afternoon. That same day I had just finished my $400 per month medications and there had still been no changes felt by me.

May 3rd. I took my morning regime of Miracle products and if I can be blunt with you (it felt as if someone had shoved the Energizer Bunny up inside of me and my energy levels soared to extremes). I thank God every day that he has led me to these life-changing Miracle products. This awesome energy level has never faltered since May 3rd and I'm now living my exciting life again.

Since May 3rd. I have single-handedly designed many flowerbeds and rock paths. Also, I have unloaded 600 lbs. of slate, hundreds of ponds of river rocks and pea gravel and arranged all of this near my ponds and gardens. My gardens look fantastic and I'm still energized to do more before my south Louisiana heat becomes too extreme.

You may wonder how I know that these products made tile difference in my hearth. I did nothing, I mean nothing,

different except take these products faithfully. I had even tried other herbal products but had NO results from them.

If anyone would like to view my shocking photos, I give my permission to the company or Ms. Pat, to distribute them for me. I plan to update them every 2 weeks and then monthly thereafter. I've already lost 14 pounds and counting.

My faith has stayed strong and my comical personality has returned. I'm even calling my old friends and telling them that (Myrna's BACK!!! Yeah!!) This is truly a Miracle and I have always believed in Miracles.

My gardens are now filled with angels and frogs. The frogs stand for—

F ully

R ely

O n

G od

and my life has been returned to me with many lessons learned.