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Miracle II products are products that are created with a higher pH than that used in the standard industry. Generally, the pH range used in the Miracle II development process falls between 8 - 12 depending on the product, as compared to a pH of 7 (water).

Why does this matter? Because using a high pH means that you are using a weak base in your product which has a stronger activity level than a neutral liquid. Because of this, the Miracle II products are able to do more for you than your standard soaps, while maintaining a healthy environment that is chemical free.

How do we know this is important? The best waters in the world for consumption come from areas where they go through thousands of layer of lava rock for filtration. The result is water that comes with a pH in the range of 8 - 9. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. Compare a bottle of Essentia water with Dasani. You'll taste the difference. The same is true with our product line.